Technologies for Ocean Sensing

Covering over 70% of our planet, the health of our oceans are vital for the survival and well-being of all life on planet Earth. TechOceanS is an EU-funded project that will create new remote ocean sensing technology to support ocean conservation and monitoring.

"TechOceanS is an ambitious project that has the potential to revolutionise how we measure and monitor our changing oceans. The exciting technology we’re developing will capture important data that will have a significant impact in diverse areas such as ocean conservation, resource management, blue economy and policy."

Professor Matthew Mowlem, TechOceanS Project Coordinator

Project Overview

Developing new technologies for ocean sensing and environmental monitoring.

The new technologies developed in the project will enable the capture of vital, previously inaccessible data on the ocean’s biogeochemistry, biology and ecosystems.

Our work
Source: PLOCAN


TechOceanS will develop nine new technologies in multiple underwater vehicles, enabling a step change in ocean biology, chemistry and plastic observation.


The TechOceanS consortium has been carefully crafted to meet the project’s ambitious goals.

The multidisciplinary team includes research organisations, higher education institutes and small and medium sized enterprises, all of whom are recognised leaders in their respective fields.