03 Oct 2023 - 05 Oct 2023

Venue: Galway Bay Hotel, Galway, Ireland

Join TechOceanS partners at the 10th EuroGOOS International Conference!

The EuroGOOS conference offers an opportunity to discuss how well our ocean monitoring and forecasting are supporting societal and policy needs. The event facilitates dialogue among a broad range of ocean observing and forecasting stakeholders, towards a fit-for-purpose ocean information delivery

The key priorities of the 2023 EuroGOOS conference are:

  • Analysing the state of the art and defining emerging priorities in operational oceanography
  • Advancing the framework towards the sustainability and integration of in situ observations
  • Developing a seamless forecasting system of the European seas and global ocean
  • Strengthening the responsiveness of European operational oceanography to policy and governance needs
  • Fostering engagement of all stakeholders to co-design the European operational oceanography
  • Promoting diversity, equity and inclusivity in oceanography and ocean science
  • Integrating European operational oceanography into the global context