04 Jan 2024

In a landscape where collaboration is key, an Open Proposal "asset" has been published by the All-Atlantic sister projects. Published under a CC-BY license, this dynamic asset serves as an exemplar for proposals aiming to cluster projects with parallel research goals, stakeholder engagement, outreach, and impact objectives.

The versatile asset comprises a ready-to-use Task description for easy copy-paste integration, an adaptable budget, Terms of Reference (ToR) and a suggested Standing Agenda to streamline implementation within any Work Package on Coordination & Management contract.

The overarching goals of the clustering effort are:

  • Optimising Research Synergies: Streamlining operational-level activities such as field campaigns and co-delivery of deliverables.
  • Combining Outreach Effort & Resources: Maximising stakeholder engagement for broader awareness.
  • Reducing Stakeholder Fatigue: Targeting stakeholders in a more cohesive manner.
  • Supporting CSA Coordination: Facilitating the coordination of the cluster of projects.

Open Proposal ASSET: Generic CLUSTERING Mechanism, Task, Budget & Impact and associated files are freely available to download here.