08 Jun 2023 - 09 Jun 2023

Venue: National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK

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The Big Data accumulating from environmental and underwater imagery imposes a series of unique challenges, which need to be tackled by the data scientist community in collaboration with environmental scientists. This workshop is specifically interested in discussing computer vision challenges such as model development, annotation, managing skewed datasets, and poor data quality. We will bring together researchers from both academia and industry across diverse domains of AI, including experts from AI, big data, data transmission, engineering and computer vision, as well as other scientists with an interest in the application of image analysis. We will discuss methods and procedures to cover topics such as:

  • Cutting-edge AI for the ocean and environmental observation
  • Deep learning and its applications to, e.g., classification, object detection, segmentation and monitoring of marine life
  • Meta-learning, including transfer learning, online learning, and active learning
  • Real-time processing
  • Handling of large data sets with modern techniques such as compression, tiering, and deduplication
  • FAIR data management, image collection, pre-processing, annotation, taxonomically accurate labelling

The workshop will be two days with keynote talks, talks and discussions. A preliminary workshop structure is:

Day 1: Al algorithms and architecture

Day 2: Data handling and management

The workshop is limited to 20 participants. Registration is free, and the workshop will cover refreshments, lunch (both days), and a workshop dinner after the first day. Participants are expected to cover their own expenses for travel, accommodation and breakfast.

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