The genetic code of DNA and RNA is universal to all life on Earth. Extracting genetic elements from water samples is a powerful tool for surveying and monitoring the organisms living in our oceans, including those that pose risks to humans and industries such as aquaculture. However, the current samplers capable of this kind of high-resolution measurement are too expensive and complicated to be widely used.

Theme 1 will develop low-cost, user-friendly ecogenomic samplers and Nucleic Acid (NA) sensors. These technologies will enable more organisations to conduct effective collection, processing and analysis of a high number of samples. Facilitating a greater range of sampling activity will power new insights into life in the oceans.

Work package 3

This WP will expand current technologies in order to increase throughput for ecogenomic sampling and development of a Nucleic Acid (NA) sensor (sampling-processing-analytics).


Work package 8

This WP will build upon the designs and prototypes developed in WP3 by synthesising the components, assays and loosely integrated systems based on microsensor insights from WP5 and cross-cutting testing and best-practice concepts developed in WP6. In this way, WP8 will develop prototypes of the samplers and sensors capable of being tested and validated in simulated and representative coastal environments.


  • Prof. Electra Gizeli,
  • IMBB,

Work package 13

Building on previous work in the Theme, WP13 will advance the ecogenomic samplers and NA sensors to a pre-commercial level. This WP will produce full-scale prototypes capable of carrying out live trials in real-world environments. This WP will not only include the lessons learned in the previous WPs in this theme, but also coordinate with the other technical themes – especially Theme 4 – to ensure that the prototypes developed are in line with best practices and fully compatible with the other TechOceanS technology suites and targeted platforms.


  • Dr Julie Robidart,
  • NOC