16 Dec 2022

The TechOceanS project saw scientific excellence, novel technologies, open data sharing, dissemination for impact and more as the project completed its second year in 2022.

The project’s research Themes provided plenty of highlights, with the Genomics Theme testing 11 assays in field studies with partners. The Imaging and Optics Theme made huge strides in compressing image data, a necessary step to realising real-time remote image sensing. The Imaging and Optics team have also developed a new in situ primary productivity sensor.

The Microsensors Theme, which develops reagent-based chemical analysers and a cytometer, continued to push the boundaries on miniaturisation of hardware components like valves and pumps, as well as continuing to produce innovative designs of multi-parameter sensors.

2022 marked the submission of the 22nd project deliverable to the European Commission. In July, TechOceanS partners met with the EC for an interim project review meeting which saw the consortium highly praised for its collaborative spirit, with Project Coordinator Matt Mowlem commended for his leadership.

2022 saw our website relaunched, over 550 followers gained on social media accounts, and project results presented at multiple conferences including the Challenger 150 conference which was a huge success. Project publications now number four and many of the results presented are available to view on the project website.

Collaboration with our All-Atlantic Ocean “sister” Research Projects continued to grow, with TechOceanS contributing to joint dissemination actions such as the sister projects’ newsletter and coordinated social media campaigns.

Partners met for TechOceanS’ 2nd Annual Meeting on the 2nd and 3rd of November. Despite meeting virtually, the conversations, camaraderie, and of course the science were as front and centre as ever! The advancement of the TechOceanS’ prototypes was a topic of lively discussion within the Cross-cutting and Testing Theme with the meeting proving ideal timing for partners to coordinate their plans for further testing and in situ deployments in 2023.

It is wonderful to reflect on the impressive progress made in 2022, and to look forward to the year ahead. We are very excited to share our continued developments in 2023!

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